Genealogy of Christ - Booklet Cover & Introduction

“Matthew’s Begats” by Andrew Peterson sets the genealogy of Christ to song. You can find that here: Introduction Advent ( from the Latin adventus , meaning "coming") begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas Day, and is often considered a season of anticipation and hope. For many Christians it is not just about waiting for a Savior to be born, but also looking to a time when the Christ will come again, in power and with authority. The traditional Scripture readings for this time emphasize both the First and Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and our accountability for faithfulness. The theme for this year is The Genealogy of Christ. Each of the devotions in this booklet features a Bible passage about a person or persons from the Matthew or Luke listings of Jesus’ ancestors. There is also an Advent theme for each Sunday that helps set the tone for each of the four weeks which is not directly tied to individuals. We encourage you to read the genealo